RHCE Work With Apache HTTPD Web Service Part 1- Dev Ops Lanka

RHCE Work With Apache HTTPD Web Service – Dev Ops Lanka


Today most of web servers are Apache HTTPD .Apache HTTPD comes with everything you want to work with as modules.default port for http is port 80/TCP and for https 443/TCP.For use https you need to install mod_ssl module.For RHCE exam as best practice.im teaching you a tip.Ok Lets get start.

Installing Apache HTTPD on Redhat Linux 7

you can install httpd using


if you are planing to use https then you need to install mod_ssl also


for the best practice i would teach you a easy step


copy Basic Web Server



This will install the all the packages that you needed

Now apache httpd is installed.Now we are going to enable apache httpd to start on system start.


Now We start apache httpd


now everything is perfect.we should get the apache default page

but if you are getting this page.


Because we did not allow httpd through firewall to do this


Now reload the firewall


Then it will allow to apache httpd and show the test page


Now we create simple web page to display

Apache HTTPD default document toot is /var/www/html.now i’m creating  sample file index.htm inside that folder.saying Hello Sameera Welcome !


Hello Sameera Welcome !

now lets navigate to server0.example.com using web browser


See its working


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