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How to Browse Web Page using Windows CMD

Hi Friends,Hope you are doing good today lesson is very short one.today im going to show you how to browse web page Windows CMD

Open cmd in your windows machine and type explorer “https://devopslanka.com”.

explorer "https://devopslanka.com"


This will open that particulate website URl by your default web browser.

Hmm now you can have question.we can open browser using windows command prompt.But how to search content from that web browser.Let me show you that using my favorite search engine Google.

Google search engine simple search query is like this

https://www.google.lk/search?q="content you want to search"

lets search about SIA. My favorite singer.


so you can search about SIA from your windows CMD

like this

explorer "https://www.google.lk/search?q="SIA""

This also open new web browser and show you results.

This is quick Lesson.

Hope you enjoy.If you like my website please share on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus

See you in next tutorial.

Have a Grate Day

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