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Install OpenCV Python Using Miniconda Windows 10

OpenCV is Library That use in computer vision .Today im going to show you how to install open cv in our previously created mytensorflow enviroment.

first activate the miniconda enviroment using

conda activate mytensorflow

mytensorflow is the name that i given when i created the environment you can read my previous article about tensorflow and i have mention how to create virtual environment and install packages in that article.

My previous article about virtual environment

After you are inside the virtual environment .Then install opencv using

conda install opencv

This will install all the packages that required by open cv and Then you ask to type Y for confirm .After that all the packages installed.

That’s it. To confirm the open cv type python in terminal this will open python console. type

import cv2

if the no errors occurs open cv is installed correctly.

I hope this tutorial will help you. If you like this tutorial please share Thank you

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